Self Promotion

Here is a short adventure of the visual experience in academic year 2016–2019.

The background music is おとなの掟, the theme music of Japanese series Quartet by Yuzi Sakamoto. Sakamoto san’s storytelling influenced me profoundly in many ways.

This page will go through multiple scenes in chronological order, to explain both the techniques behind and the metaphors revealed.

Scene 1

0–1380 frames

First scene simulates an interior view of elevator, which descends from L13 to L11, then the camera moves toward the space constructed by two reversed compositions refer to the first proj.

Scene 2

1412–2063 frames

This scene is a combination of sketch effect and gouraud shading render.

The type fragments are suspended in the aerodynamic field above the tortuous tube. Once switched from the first scene, it observed fall down progress both by the fragments flow and the motion camera. Slipping on the inside wall of tube, the type flow shows acceleration and converged as creek, and beat on the cube matrix at the last. The matrix embed random effector to perform anxiety.

Scene 3

2064–2761 frames

From this point, the observer crosses a forest of black bar and hovers above the canyon.

These components are formulated based on Fibonacci sequence. The last view makes an initial conception come true, a rotating gear.

Scene 4

2762–3931 frames

This part commemorate a hard time of my second college year. The project provide black square and red circles figures for exploring the effectiveness of tension.

Another part without red figures is aimed to research on dynamic and static composition.

Scene 5

4080–4691 frames

Start from full of the darkness, the observer walks through the plain of the original book, about light and darkness.

Illuminating by three words within the paragraph, the concept of the research project has been revealed. Then, the observer dives into the transition of sun.

Scene 6

4692–6602 frames

Following with the second half of verse, the scene features the hand-made typeface, personal identity system and a recipe of cherry pie with lattice top.

Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved. 

Scene 7

6603–7263 frames

The Macbook Pro model is a third party work. The screen was simply turned 100 degrees. Then the camera switch to the yellow panel. It refer to the branding project of a virtual semiconductor manufacturer. Following footages are various parts of this series.

Scene 8

7264–8304 frames

The lighting and stereo sets are third party works. Throw back to the advertisement I made for the same branding, a deco stage was made for a fluent transition to next exhibition.

Scene 9

8305–9205 frames

This is the Hay × Aesop popup shop features the brand combination and space arrangements as an interior attempt.

Scene 10

9206–11793 frames

Imagine you are in the big apple, what’s the most attractive spot to you? For me it’s central park for sure. I also enjoy couple times on a train, at the moment I lost in the landscape outside the window. So we have an arrangement like a train speeding up under NYC.

Although these buildings are resource package, the arrangement is generated by random on cloner. The sky is an effect by physical sky, which is a built-in feature help you for a lifelike view.

Then the observer entered the concrete construction. It is build with a meticulously modified aerodynamic field. Sixteen fans provide a rough path for cards, another self promo project, making them fall naturally. I apply additional cameras for close-up of specific cards on around frame 1970, please use camera 1, 2, 3, 4 to have a close look of their tracks. Cards are applying with rigid bodies to get force.

Scene 11

11843–12380 frames

Yes it’s a photo booth + a static background. This project start making from this view as they were firstly come with.

It use sun in composition. Ideally the object close to the wall will be a mirror. The Bainbridge 172 board pieces painted with Plaka are the original state of the first project.

So far, such an ending echoes the beginning.

Please use your phone in portrait mode