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TRAPPED — Clock + Concept For Chinese Labor Community

996, ICU.

Overwork has long been prevalent in China, often viewed as a hallmark of dedication and long-term success. Companies that mandate 996 culture without proper compensation are violating China’s labor laws.

The clock body simulates the office atmosphere at night. The clock can be illuminated by the LED strip resides under the base. The frosted acrylic on the top simulates the frosted glass walls of offices, which allows light to pass through in a subtle way. The ascent of the clock is composed of transparent acrylic tubes, so that the audience can see what is happening from God’s perspective. Through the acrylic tube, the dark ball is driven by the hour hand and keeps moving. From the metaphorical level, it refers to the fact that the wage slaves are forced to work overtime.

On the other hand, only the vague dark spot can be seen through the top layer with the engraved legal provisions, which means that many workers did not get real protection even if they are suffer a lot. This project called for more public opinion exposure and citizen action from the social perspective.


Etched on surface China Labor Law
Frosted Acrylic
Clear Acrylic Tube
⌀280 mm, 76 mm height, 5 mm thick
White Acrylic
LED Backlit 



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