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Virtual Senior Exhibition 2020/Social Issue (Overtime Culture in China)

Overtime has long been prevalent in China, often viewed as a hallmark of dedication and long-term success. Aside from any health harm, companies that mandate 996 culture without proper compensation are violating China’s labor law, which generally caps the workweek at an average of 44 hours. As a comparison, the typical 996 work system raises the average weekly work time to 72 hours. Unfortunately, employees under the 996 working system rarely receive corresponding overtime compensation.

My campaign focused on the daily routine of a typical Shanghai designer to convey the real experience of the 996 working system. All descriptions are based on real experience.

Gesture of designer Mo Yawen based on Pablo Stanley’s humaaans

Introducing the designer, Mo Yawen.

Waking up from the nightmare reprimanded by her boss, it was already 8 am, too late to have breakfast, and had to rush down the escalator before the subway station became overcrowded. Her new day began as it. The work on the table will never be finished, and even having a bite of takeaway during lunch break has become a wild wish. Even if you escaped the company by chance, the boss’s push was still in line. She is accustomed to it.

However, she is just one victim from the group portrait of many ordinary people who drive the entire city like her.

The offline exhibition reserved two panels for each student. I put the designer’s life into a loop, to establishing a tension between 2 panels in different sizes.

The shape simulated the subway map, making the story more realistic. I set the left panel to West Yan’an Rd (home) and the right one to Century Ave (company). They are all real stations of Shanghai Metro Line 4. I allocated 2 circles on the left, and the rest 4 on the right, to imply that the protagonist was forced to sacrifice her own time for work.

At the same time, the timing of the illustrations in the six circles is arranged in a clockwise direction and allows the audience to enter the loop from any point of view.

complimentary booklet

AR Experience

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